St. Andrews West, Ontario





Family owned & operated for over twenty years, the peachey family is proud to be your canadian source for unpasteurized & 100% pure ontario honey. 

all our local honey products are unpasteurized, full of pollens and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals & enzymes. never ultra-filtered, ultra-heated or treated.  traceable from hive to jar. 


TrueBee Honey 
Ontario No.1 White 

This is our signature unpasteurized honey, full of flower power. It is light in colour with a delicate and smooth flavour. Our honey bees collect this delicious multi flora honey from clover blossoms and a variety of other summer florals. Each jar is hand packed with our local, unpasteurized honey and it is ideal to use in most recipes (it makes for delicious marinades & salad dressings or can be used to substitute sugar in baking), to sweeten your tea & coffee, or to add to your favourite smoothie. 

 Available Sizes: 500g Jar, 500g squeeze, 1Kg, 375g Bear, 5Kg Pail, 15Kg Pail 

 TrueBee Creamed Honey 
Ontario No.1 White 

Our creamed honey is whipped and creamed to perfection using old European style artisanal churning methods. It’s churned to perfection using our signature white unpasteurized honey. It’s creamy consistency makes it an excellent spread on bread, muffins and scones without the drips. It’s smooth, creamy texture is also perfect for treating wounds topically!  

 Available Sizes: 500g Jar, 1Kg, 5Kg Pail, 15 Kg Pail 

 TrueBee RAW Honey 
Ontario No.1 White 

Our Raw Honey is the ‘bees knees’ and our most popular honey product. It is nature’s superfood and it’s so minimally processed that it’s like eating honey straight from the hive! Our Raw Honey is unheated and only lightly filtered to retain all of its natural occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also contains higher concentrations of beeswax, propolis and pollens which help boost your immune system and relieve seasonal allergies! 

 Available Sizes: 500g Jar, 1Kg, 5Kg Pail, 15 Kg Pail 

 TrueBee Buckwheat Honey 
Ontario No.1 Amber 

Our beautiful amber coloured Buckwheat Honey is renowned for its robust, full-bodied and unique flavour. Our honey bees collect it from Buckwheat flowers and it is celebrated for its high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Studies show its highly effective at treating coughs and sore throats! Due to the increasingly scarce Buckwheat crops in Ontario, our local unpasteurized Buckwheat Honey is a vintage honey available in limited quantities. Enjoy this malty, distinctive honey while it last!  

 Available Sizes: 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg Pail, 15 Kg Pail 

 TrueBee 100% Pure Beeswax 

TrueBee Natural Beeswax available. Excellent quality for candles & beauty/skincare products. Price upon request.